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Thursday, 20 March 2014

My #nomakeupselfie for Cancer Awareness

This is my 200th post so I thought I'd make it a meaningful one. I'm pretty sure you are all aware of the #nomakeupselfie thing going on all over facebook to raise awareness of cancer. I'll be honest, at first I didn't understand the whole thing and I know a lot of others felt like this too.
However, last night, my facebook news feed was covered in photos of people I didn't even know, and everyone had started stating that you can text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3, and posting photos of the text they received thanking them for their donation. I know it's not just about donating but most people probably won't miss the extra £3 on top of their phone bill at the end of the month. Cancer Research UK have said they have received over £1 million in the past 24 hours so it has definitely raised awareness.
I don't know if it originally started out being about breast cancer in particular but I have seen lots of links to breast cancer awareness websites and photos of how and what to check for. Even if you don't donate, I think by posting the selfie you should also be making a promise to yourself to check yourself a couple of times a month.
Also, please take two minutes to sign the Sophie's Choice petition to lower the cervical screening age to 16. It should be everyone's right to have a cervical screening if they feel they seriously need one, no matter their age. Nobody knows their own body better than themselves.

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    1. I think it's amazing how much awareness has been spread!


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