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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Juice To U Detox Review

A few weeks ago I won a juice detox on twitter from Juice To U. I also won a necklace in the same competition so keep a look out for a post on that - I can't wait to get it!
The detox package arrived on Tuesday ready to start on Wednesday. It is well packaged with ice pack coolers and says to keep refrigerated as soon as it is delivered. There are 12 juices in total. You drink 4 a day at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm, plus as much water and fruit tea (no caffeine) as you like.


I thought I'd do a diary style post as I think it will a better review than just describing how I felt each day. I feel like by doing it this way, you will get a 100% honest review and decide whether not eating for three days is worth the results.

8:30am - I'm getting hungry now (I get up at 7). Nearly time for juice number one. I just had a pint of water with lemon which has helped with the hunger.
 9am - This juice is weird. It tastes like cucumber. I don't mind cucumber but cucumber for breakfast is weird. It's drinkable and tastes like it is good for you, so that makes it easier to drink. I'm drinking it quite slowly which is the opposite of what I thought would happen as I'm really hungry, but the fact that it's doesn't taste amazing means I'm sipping it which I think will maybe fill me up slightly more. I also had another pint of water with the juice and a peppermint tea.
 10.30am - I suddenly just came over all sleepy. Zzzz at my desk.

11am - I'm hungry. I just had a strawberry and mango fruit tea.
Wednesday 11.30am - I'm really hungry.
12pm - Lunchtime! Another pint of water with lemon - I'm going to run out of lemon at this rate. So this juice tastes better than the last one. It does have kiwi in thought which I'm not keen on because of the weird sour taste. I've nearly finished it and I'm still hungry. Think I need another strawberry and mango tea. Also, running to the toilet every half an hour makes it look like there's something wrong with me!

12.55pm - Still hungry. Everyone in the office is making their lunch and all I can smell is toast. I now have a blackcurrant, vanilla and ginseng tea. Not sure if I like this one as it is the only flavour left in a selection pack of Twinings tea. I'm guessing that means that I didn't like it. Ah well, better than nothing.
 1.45pm - This is hard. I'm getting hangry. Yes, hangry.

2.15 - Fruit tea time. I definitely need to go to the supermarket on the way home and buy some more flavours.
 3.15 - Do I down this green stuff or savour it? It tastes like celery and cucumber. Like a nice refreshing face mask or something. Big gulps it is. Plus a pint of water with lemon.

3.25 - Headache and sleepy time.

3.55 - I feel like I'm drinking too much water. I know that sounds stupid, but I'm still hungry and have realised I've already drank 2 litres of water today. I feel like I'm going to have to go to bed really early just so I don't feel hungry!

6.00pm - Time for my last juice of the day. I was absolutely starving from 4pm until about half an hour ago, however I have just had a peppermint tea and don't feel very hungry so think I'm going to wait until I feel a bit more peckish.

6.30pm - I'm just drinking the last juice and it's actually quite nice. I've got a headache and just want something savoury! I really want to eat something.

8.30pm - Ben just cooked piri piri chicken and cheesy chips. I'm dying.

8.50pm - Watching the BRIT awards and blogging as a distraction. Just fed up now. Not really hungry, just fed up with a slight headache. FUN.


8.10am - I went to bed at about half 10 yesterday. I stopped feeling hungry, just craved solid food. I woke up not feeling amazing and I feel a bit fed up still to be honest. And can't be bothered to deal with people. Nothing new there though, ha! I just got a glass of water with lemon which has made me a bit hungry. Need to go to the shop at lunch and get some more fruit tea as I've nearly ran out.

9.15am - I can't stomach this.

9.50am - I tried to down it in one but that is worse. Now I have hot water with lemon which is surprisingly nice. Probably only because I've just drank blended spinach, cucumber and celery.

10.55am - I'm really hungry and thinking of eating some blueberries. But then I only have an hour until my next juice so should wait really.

12.15pm - I didn't eat the blueberries! This one is a lot easier to drink.

2.40pm - I need some sugar - I'm starting to feel a bit shaky. I feel like I'm used to just being hungry now. Gonna have to down this next juice. May try some lemon in it.

2.45pm - Starting to get really shaky. Surely this isn't normal?!

3.15pm - The lemon really helps. Still taking big gulps though!


8.30am - I really hungry and feel a bit sick. I didn't find it any easier to get out of bed this morning, in fact I wanted to stay in bed. Last night I blogged (but clearly not on this post!) to distract me from how hungry I was.

9.15am - Downing this green concoction.

10.40am - Very hungry but used to it now. I have just put some strawberry and mango fruit tea in the fridge and I'm going to add it to some cold water later. I've done it before and it's really nice; and a lot better than plain water.

6.00pm - Not doing so well on the diary thing today am I? To be honest it would have just said: I'm hungry x 4905829402408. Well I downed my 3pm drink because I just can't stand the taste anymore and I ran out of lemon. I am glad the berry one is the final drink as it tastes so much better than the green one. It does however have a lot of seeds and things in it, and one just got caught in my throat. NICE.

6.15pm - I'm off to see Jack Whitehall tonight which starts at 8pm, so I am going to be up late. I would really like to know if I'm the only one that has been hungry the whole time throughout this detox. I've read other reviews and people have said 'oh yes it filled me up!' and I'm sitting here thinking are you frickin mad?!

I just can't wait until tomorrow morning to weigh myself, eat and exercise!


So I weighed myself on Saturday morning and I lost 6lb! I'm very happy with it and I'm glad I did the detox but if I'm completely honest I don't know if I could do it again. Maybe if I lost weight and got to a point where I wasn't losing anything I'd maybe do it to kick start the weight loss again.
I am glad I have done the detox as it has made me feel better and I do feel less bloated and no longer need to eat as much to feel full. I don't particularly eat loads anyway and for a while I've been trying to cut down portion sizes. I expected to be hungry but I don't get how people can do this and not feel hungry? I've decided I'll be doing lots of exercise and eating healthily from now on. I am one of those people that will eat for the sake of it which I hate and I know it's not good, so I'm hoping I will stop that - and if I want something to eat I'll have fruit or yoghurt or some vegetables. I think getting the right balance is key - There's no point in starving myself of sweets or pizza because if I do I'll just end up going back to my old habits. I am definitely going to drink more water and try to drink less tea. I think drinking so much fruit and peppermint tea has actually put me off of it slightly as I've barely had any since I finished the detox.

 So in conclusion, for me, it was worth it to kick start a more healthy lifestyle as I'm determined to keep the weight off and hopefully lose more to feel a lot better about myself - I just don't know if I'd do it again.

Have you done a juice detox before?
Do you think you would try one after my rant review?!

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  1. I'm sure I would have either passed out or killed someone! That's good going, well done. 6lb is a lot in a few days, it will be interesting to see if it stays off this week. Did you find that you wanted to pig out once you'd finished?

    1. Yeah I nearly did kill someone when the man at the theatre where I went to see Jack Whitehall showed me my seats! I haven't wanted to pig out because I feel like if I do it would have been for nothing. Still going ok, but need to keep exercising! xx

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha this made me laugh so much!!

  3. Well done for completing it! I would love to try a Juice detox it would help my weight loss so much. I will be sure to check out this company. Great post!


  4. Wow you had serious control to stick to that detox. I do not think I could ever do a juice detox.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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