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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

 So this is a post to say goodbye to the year 2013!
I've been very lucky to have some great opportunities this year and I'm so grateful for all of them.
  2013 was the final year of my degree, which was stressful and a huge amount of work, but I managed to produce a 6 outfit collection and was lucky enough to be chosen to showcase on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week. I graduated in July and started my new job a couple of weeks later.

I also went to Sweden for my boyfriend's brother's wedding. It was so pretty and was great to have a holiday after the stressful first half of the year at uni!

I received an email from my University in September asking if I wanted to go to Sri Lanka in November to showcase my collection at another catwalk show. Obviously I said yes and it was an amazing trip.


I've had an amazing year and thought I'd take the opportunity to thank everyone that has given me all these wonderful opportunities. 
Also thank you to all of these lovely people, plus some others! 

I'm currently in Colorado which is so beautiful, so will finish with some lovely photos and hope you all have a happy new year!


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  1. Wow what absolutely stunning photos! Love your blog :)


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