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Friday, 27 December 2013

America Wishlist

If you're reading this, I am in snowy Colorado!
I arrived on boxing day and I am here until 5th January and hopefully will arrive back home with lots of goodies! My sister has her laptop with her so hopefully I'll be posting some photos whilst I'm here.
The two places I really want to go shopping whilst in the US are Bath and Body Works and Sephora... and maybe Victoria's Secret. However, I'm not sure whether there are any of these shops where we are, so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed... and make a wishlist!

I'd love to get some Bath and Body Works candles and hand sanitisers. There are so many different scents and I've heard great things about them! I have a small obsession with candles so it could be slightly dangerous!
I've been to Sephora before and it is amazing. I wish they would open one in England. I bought a Tarte eyeshadow palette a few years ago in New York, and whilst browsing the Sephora website I found some lovely lipsticks. How cute is the packaging?! I also realy love the colour of the glitter nail varnish so would love to get my hands on it! I saw the black palette on Fleur De Force and at $11 I really need to buy it! It's so sparkly!
One place I do know that we will be able to go is Target, as we are going to Atlanta and there is a Target near where we are staying. I really love the new Essie collection and they work out a bit cheaper in the US so I may pick up a couple of colours. Also, they have more babylips shades over there and at only $2.99 they are a bargain. Last but not least, I still haven't tried the Revlon Lip Butters, and again, they're a lot cheaper in the US, so will probably pick up a couple!
Have you got any other suggestions of what I should look out for?


  1. The Sephora palette looks lovely, I hope you and Amber enjoy your trip Xx

  2. Great post! I really want to try these products like the sephora eyeshadow palette! :D

    1. Thanks! It's so pretty isn't it? :)

  3. I really want those candles and hand sanitizers! Lovely blog, I'll definitely be back for more! Please do stop by mine! xox

    1. Thank you, I've already bought some candles and hand sanitisers :)

  4. Bath & Body Works is amazing as is Victoria's Secret, especially if they have sales on.
    I picked up so many body sprays from VS that I love as they smell devine! :)
    You can often find things in Sephora in JCPenney that are often sold out or not available in the stand alone Sephora stores. That's a little tip I came across the last time I was in the States as I found a lot of great things.
    I'm going to Florida in September this year and I'm already compiling a lengthy list hehe.
    Hope you are having a great time and picking up lots of goodies! Happy New Year! :)
    I'm glad I came across your blog - you have a new follower in me.


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